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The project is a retreat - eco ranch - hobby farm; where retreats will be held; as a combination of sessions of personal committed work through hardship and introspection ; and interaction with the elements, nature,  through outdoor activities ( i.e. hiking , biking , canoeing etc...) and contact / activities with animals ( horseback riding, farm animals etc..), to apply concretely what has been found out spiritually from the first part.

The retreat aims to be as self sufficient , sustainable as possible; using bio / environmently friendly energy and growing organic food, to provide and sell healthy products...

This is a list of the services intended to be available ultimately when the project will run fully, in addition to the ones already provided.

Meditation retreat

Yoga classes
Biking, canoeing tours

Horse therapy and horseback riding

Nature / herbal interpretive tours 

Traditional crafting

Hobby farming - organic products

Outdoor school 

Animal sanctuary 

Framed Photos / Postcards / health - plant products sale 

Here is a display of the retreat - farm project look alike