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Coaching / counseling / spiritual guidance

Self awareness / self improvement 


Martial arts - Karate-do classes   

Guided hiking,

The one on one sessions can take two different orientations :

- A more rational one, under the form of counseling, coaching...To discover more about yourself, becoming self aware, and to resolve some personal issues; discover what your real priorities are, maybe a  missed identity, new orientations in life; by being ready for a real change, open to accept to face some parts of the deep you, that have been ignored or hidden, accept it like it is..the real you, the truth, no more lies..To become stronger, more assured and clearer in decision making. And more at peace with yourself.

- A more spiritual one, oriented towards seekers...A real truth in your life, a global awareness, of self and the universe, and the interconnections. How we all are inter dependent and how subtle are these connections with the rest. How to find the path by concentration, meditation, simplifying our life..The true essence of these connective energies being overlooked and disconnected by our modern society. How to manage to distance ourselves from what corrupts our minds away from these true life energies....Re-discovering the joy of fully expressed senses, and beyond.

These sessions would ideally occur in a natural open environment; or on suite..It can be arranged in a professional office setting if some people feel more comfortable with that, or on internet via skype.

Rates : 75$ / h

eBook US$ : 5,-      ePub format