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Sebastien was born in Caen, Normandy, France.

At a very early age, he started to wonder about human behavior, felt a bit different and always had an outsider's look towards life and people... He realized retrospectively that he had some skills, visionary sense and intuition...

Sebastien started to ride horses at 6, at the same time he had a pretty good idea of his goal, his ultimate project in life...The ranch-sanctuary, nature, horses etc...A place of harmony to retreat. He started Karate at 12, and reading about buddhism to figure out this was his way of life, that he had natural affinities for. Then 10 years semi professional track and field athlete , besides  two passions ( skiing and windsurfing , gliding in close touch with the elements ), among other sports... He graduated high school in natural sciences, but found quite an affinity for philosophy , and had been tempted by becoming a psychoanalyst. He went on to university to reach a master in Geology which helped to combine a rational-scientific approach to life with philosophy and spirituality.

He then moved to Norway, where he lived on and off for 8 years working in tourism, guiding people in longer group trips or outdoor activities around Scandinavia. In the mean while he lived on some tropical islands. Until he  moved to western Canada, in 2003 having found the right area to create this dream place. With the right atmosphere, context, climate, landscape and spirit.

Having built experience through traveling , meeting various cultures and practicing counseling and many sports or activities.

The company

Our philosophy is the commitment to our motto...Being sincere and true, honest , authentic in our work , the services we provide and sharing of knowledge. Always willing and committed to improve and move forward.

This is Sebastien's life vision. Just closing the circle since his youth's dream; to share it, this feeling of balance, contentment, true happiness, universality, with whom is truly, sincerely willing to reach this goal...And to have this magic place of harmony between the beings and the elements, the holistic interconnectedness...  Like a sanctuary, a sangha. As a humble contribution to a better world at his own scale for the earth and the humankind.

The path that got him to this point is based on real life study and experience, years of meditation, combined with the blessed gifts of intuition, instinct, sensitivity and awareness, keeping it all genuinely authentic and original. Although he has a Master's Degree in Science which constitutes his academic rational background, his long term practice, through martial arts and meditation, is about purity and truth, real life, and being realistic on a holistic and spiritual level.

He has been encouraged by people he was meant to have crossed paths with, positively affecting them through help and counseling.




Beauty-Full Sebastian,

 I wanted to thank you for your deliverance of a timely life lesson, Moreover, what a lovely gift you've given me. Shelley C.


You are a natural for life coaching. Ingrid H.