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Our concept is a pragmatic approach to the path of well-being.

Often the mainstream emphasizes either the conviction of self satisfaction, based on the self esteem principle; or the physical pampering side.

Our purpose is to go back to the roots, the genuine authentic means, at the origin. When all these numerous various advanced, technical, marketing friendly words were and meant one thing, being fully, the essence and the substance. A lot is based on the Buddhist values, with the REALISTIC part concerning the facts. The REAL life. Being acknowledged that to reach this point, we have to go through stages, experiences to learn from and move on... Always moving forward is a basic fundamental concept for us, always improving....

And as the facts of life, this means going through non agreeable stages, hardship ( as the asceticism on Buddha's path ); needed to understand some points necessary to move on, and feel better, more in control, more balanced; satisfied with yourself, your work , hence increased self confidence.

Just as the universal ruling principle of YIN and YANG. Everything is relative. One thing exists or has a meaning only because of its opposite..That is the principle of the ordered chaos and evolution . The meaning of life . NO THING, nobody is perfect, that's the purpose of life and evolution. No soul is perfect. If there is perfection, it's the enlightenment, the nirvana, the void - NO-THINGNESS is perfect. That you can reach, through hard work, surrender to going through suffering ( which is life too ), ACCEPTANCE , until you become AWARE and WISE and can reach the nothingness, and be in tune with your self and the universe, the void, with no beginning and no end, the INFINITY. This is as broad as the AWARENESS can be...And this gives you a sense of the relativity of space and time...

That is where REALISTIC comes in, supporting one of the original important principle of self improvement, hard personal work, meaning DISCIPLINE, which people tend to forget in a society where we want everything , easily, given, demand full assistance since we get it from birth, and forget that life is about experiences and getting rewarded for what you put out. The law of attraction. Karma. So as a fair justice from life, you only get rewarded when you have worked hard enough, sincerely, honestly; basically the opposite of what this western capitalistic and materialistic consumer's society promotes, and makes it very hard to detach from, as it formats us from the beginning to be good pawns on the chess game, not letting us to have a broad enough awareness, personality, identity, to easily control us; hence the inner conflicts and issues, between what we are made of and for , which wants to express naturally and freely ; and this society containing all that in the packaging standard box on the production line of its factory.

So, concretely we are talking about pushing our limits, beyond the conscious self, to the deeper levels, the unconsciousness, that really controls us ( out of our will, source of all the regrets, disappointments and bad feelings about ourselves, for the missed actions; and the following wonders, questionings ; why why why).

By lying to ourselves constantly, we create a virtual world, reality where we can hide, not taking responsibility for our actions, not facing our issues; this outside, golden facade hiding the problems we try to stock in a corner, sweep under the rug, under censure, in the unconscious; but which steers us in a sneaky , sly uncontrolled way. Like many say, it's hard to look at yourself with strict realistic eyes, be honest, do some real introspection, face your own issues...Why should it be ? Instead of erasing that insane part, wouldn't life be better, simpler; by being straight , honest, real yourself and living in tune with your core values...To make all this conscious, under control, to extend the comfort zone, then be more comfortable, clearer minded, more aware, more balanced...

The work we do provides all these positive effects, as a naturally self produced consequence of the sincere commitment to the practice, not as a goal to seek and try to grab in a rush, easily; which will give the full control of the mind and body ( clear mind, efficient decisions, anticipation ).

You can't ask for solutions or answers; they will come with full understanding on their own, through sincere hard work.

Learn to trust the subconsciousness ( concentration, meditation ), that an empty mind knows what to do right...

As this brings us back to a major goal in life, being efficient in every area; I found out that the most efficient ( radical inventions / solutions ) stems from the most logicical , meaning the most simple ( most of the time, based on a very simple principle ).

Thus my founding principle of back to the origins, when there was only one art, science and philosophy; one training and practice for this...

Our goal is to make one AWARE of one's real self; what you are really made of and for; not what your parents or the society wanted you to be ( due to their own selfish issues or interests ); and start to live in tune with real life, your core values, be clear and balanced; and truly HAPPY.

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.